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AUDIENCE: Adults 25-54

The Octopus 95.9 FM cranks out four decades of the greatest rock-'n-roll hits of all time.  Eric Clapton, The Eagles, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Genesis, Heart, The Who, Bob Seger, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the list goes on and on. Long story short, The Octopus 95.9 FM's playlist is comprised of hits from the "Who's Who In Rock-'n-Roll History".  The Octopus 95.9 FM grabs a well-balanced adult audience of both men & women in their 20's, 30's and 40's. And these people know their music!  They're involved in their music, they listen to it in their homes, in their cars, at work, any where and any time they can!  It's an integral part of their lives and they're faithful to it.  As an advertiser, you have the opportunity to reach them and have them become your faithful customers!  The Octopus 95.9 FM's music flow has been carefully researched and designed to increase time spent listening.  Every hour is packed with over 48 minutes of music. What that means to you, the advertiser, is that there'll be less channel switching and your message will stand out.

If you represent a local business and would like information on advertising on 95.9 The Octopus please contact:

Steve Hess, Local Sales Manager, CRMC
Gold Coast Broadcasting LLC
2284 South Victoria Avenue, Suite 2G
Ventura, CA 93003
Phone: (805) 289-1400 x237
Fax: (805) 644-7906

National Sales Information

$8,400,000,000.00 and growing.

The Gold Coast is an area of promise and growth.  Downtown Los Angeles is over sixty miles from the Ventura County Government Center.  From East (Six Flag’s Magic Mountain) to West (Oxnard’s Harbor), or North (U.C.S.B.) to South (Westlake Village) to the South, it's an over one hour, 65 MPH, drive for Gold Coast residents to leave the area.
Ventura and Santa Barbara counties’ buying power is astounding, with an average per capita income that is nearly $54,000.00.  Supported by industry growth that paves the Information Superhighway, the Ventura Freeway Corridor is one of the top ten Tech regions in the nation, according to Newsweek magazine (4/30/01).  This secures a community with a solid local economy that is ready and able to buy what it wants.

You can help your clients and their businesses realize their sales targets advertising to this wealthy, motivated and ready to acquire audience.

For assistance in reaching the Gold Coast through radio advertising, please contact:
Jack L. Clarke, National Sales Manager, CRMC
Gold Coast Broadcasting LLC
2284 South Victoria Avenue, Suite 2G
Ventura, CA  93003
Phone: (805) 289-1400 x244
Fax: (805) 644-7906

P.S.  Media Buyers, did you know your average 200 GRP buy in Los Angeles only delivers about 100 GRPS of “spill” in Ox/Ven?  What are you missing?

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