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Octogirl Kristi

Octogirl Kristi



Favorite Food
Albacore sushi with Ponzi sauce

Favorite Drink
Water, Red Bull

Favorite Hobbies
lovin my 2 kittys, lovin any animals except snakes!

Favorite TV Shows
All time fav is Andy Grifith...I wanna be Aunt Bee when I grow up!!! I love her!!!

Favorite Movies
"I am Sam", Anything with Will Farrel, anything by Alfred Hitchcock!

What was your first job?
I was an "Averyette" for Averys downtown bar at 14 yrs old! I was so happy bout it cause I was making $4.00 per hour when minimum wage was only $3.35 and my friends that were babysitting were only making a buck an hour!!  I would pass out flyers around town enticing folks to come to our bar ...men would always say "sure, I'll come to that bar if you'll be there".......little did they know that I was only 14 and technically wasn't even allowed in the bar!

What are your top 5 musical artists?
Etta James, Frank Sinatra (my grandfather wrote some of Franks Best songs), Anything Motown, Guns n' Roses, Jet

What is the CD in your car right now?
The Killers (love them too!)

What is something most people don't know about you?
My IQ is 137 ...Einstiens was 140. Bring it!!!!


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