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Brian Jones Fans Lobby Police To Exhume Body

Brian Jones
Brian Jones

Fans of the late Rolling Stones guitarist, Brian Jones, are lobbying police to exhume his body to prove once and for all that he was murdered.

Jones was found dead in his swimming pool in Sussex, England, after going for a midnight swim. The official story of his death is that he drowned after having too much drink and drugs.

The Official Brian Jones fan club has been investigating his death for the past three and a half years and believe they have enough evidence to prove he was murdered, supposedly by Frank Thorogood, a contractor working at his house, jealous of his extravagant lifestyle.

"Brian Jones was murdered; we have no doubts about that fact, and the evidence we've gathered supports our belief," it grimly says on brianjonesfanclub.com.

The Brian Jones fan club presented their evidence to the BBC in a documentary set to air this week.

Conspiracies over how Jones died have been the subject of a number of books and recently a movie called 'Stoned'.

by Tim Cashmere (undercover.com.au)

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