February 3, 2009
EVENT: American Red Cross of Ventura County: The Quilt of At 1:00AM

American Red Cross of Ventura County: The Quilt of Caring

Next year, the American Red Cross of Ventura County embarks on a new adventure of service to the community as part of expansion and reorganization to better serve our community.

One of the goals of the new “hub”, to be located in the expanded Camarillo facilities, is to ensure we recognize our generous neighbors who partnered with us on this exciting adventure and who have made the first 90 years of our community partnership a success.

The Quilt of Caring is a large, multi-colored quilt containing squares that will feature hand stitched names of people who have donated or perhaps recognition in memory of a family member who benefited from, or supported, the Red Cross in their past.

Starting at $100 for the perimeter squares, $250 for the interior squares, $500 for a larger rectangular space or up to $1,000 for the five red squares that make up the Red Cross in the center and the four corners, this symbol of service and support with be prominently displayed in the lobby of the new building with a description of its history. NOTE: $1,000 SQUARES HAVE SOLD OUT!

Please consider supporting this project by purchasing a square. For more information contact Maria Sanchez at 805-987-1514 or emailing her at [email protected]

Thanks in advance for your support.

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