Vegetarian Diet for Two

To observe the rules of proper nutrition is typical of women, but men are no exception. If the thought that the summer is coming and it is worth dumping a few extra pounds - visits you both, it is worth trying a diet for two - it will help to get the desired result with russian ladies for marriage.

Blame the genes

First, let's see, why do we grow fat and lose weight, but in different ways? The reason lies in gender differences. Men often have a "beer belly", women have a weak spot - hips and legs. By the way, theoretically a strong sex is easier to get rid of excess weight. Men have a higher percentage of muscle mass, and testosterone helps a lot to "disperse" the metabolism and burn fat.

For yourself and your lover

In order for thing to get going and start the weight loss process, the men's diet should gradually include foods high in zinc (fish, seafood, seeds, nuts, berries) and magnesium (cocoa, buckwheat, beans, dried fruits) - these minerals are needed to produce testosterone, normal work of the heart and blood vessels. And for a woman, the obligatory element is calcium (first, it prevents ricochet weight gain, and secondly, strengthens bones). And, of course, the iron responsible for our energy. The daily rate of this mineral is twice as much for us as for men. Dishes of offal, meat, fish, spinach, lentils, buckwheat are rich with it.

Universal menu:

A 4-5 single-dose system can help you lose weight excessively and safely. The speed of "losing weight" is minus 1 kg per week.
One meal: 70-120 g of protein • 100-130 g of garnish • 150 g of vegetables • 1 light dessert or fruit.
The energy value of even a dietary diet for men is higher: they need 1500-1800 calories per day against the "female" 1200-1600, so the male portion should be more.

Breakfast options:
scrambled eggs with spinach, onions and mushrooms
omelet or muffins with turkey and tomatoes
vegetable casserole with eggs
curd casserole
oatmeal / whole grain cereal with low-fat milk and berries / fruits
toast with cheese; boiled chicken / beef, cucumbers; with thin strips of bacon and tomatoes on the grill
a pair of eggs in a bag of whole grain bread.

Lunch options:
Soup: chicken broth; mushroom with pearl barley; soup (can be vegetarian) with beans, potato with chickpeas, dietary cheese with broccoli, vegetable cream soup; ear / hodgepodge of lean fish or seafood soup.
Salad: chicken salad (boiled breast, avocado, apple, spinach, green salad, olive oil), salad with salmon (dressing with lemon juice or vinegar) taco salad with tomatoes and cheese, salmon with zucchini, burger with beef and salad • stewed liver with boiled potatoes / buckwheat, turkey / roast beef salad (meat, hard boiled eggs, romaine salad, olive oil and vinegar).

Dinner options:
stewed beef with spinach and cauliflower
curry with chicken
salmon with brussels sprouts
pumpkin with lean pork
beef chilly
vegetable stew with lean meat
grilled turkey with vinaigrette