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Updating Contact Information & F.A.Q.

There may be instances where your last name might change due to marriage or you have a new home/work address and phone number to update. Please keep us up-to-date on this information by updating your profile. To update your profile please visit the Change Contact Information located the main Listener Club menu.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I update my contact information?

Use the Change Contact Information option from the Listener Club main menu to update your home address, fax and phone, email information and birthdate. The station uses this information for mailing contest prizes, and sending you notices about important events or announcements.

How do I update my user name and/or password?

Visit the Change your Login Name or Password located on the main Listener Club menu. Input your new user name and/or password and click the save changes button. Be sure to print out the confirmation page so you can have your new user name and password information handy in case you forget.

Will my personal information be sold to other companies?


We do not provide or sell your personal information to anyone else. When you choose categories of interest, e-mails or faxes may be sent from the Club on behalf of advertisers.

Who do I contact if the web site does not answer my question?

Just send us an email and we will answer your question(s) as quickly as we can!

How do I get back to the Listener Club main menu?

At the top of the screen there is an option for Menu, click on that option to return to the main menu. -OR- Down at the bottom of each screen you will see a Back to Listener Club Menu. Use this option to return to the main menu.

How do I Log Out of the club?
At the top of the screen - click on the LogOut option to cancel your session in the Listener Club.

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