Listener Club Help and F.A.Q.

Listener Club Sign-In and Registration & F.A.Q.

To log in to the club, enter your MEMBER NAME and PASSWORD in the spaces provided. If you have never registered, follow the procedure below. If you have forgotten your password, click on the Look Me Up link to find your member name in the club directory. If you have forgotten your password, and cannot remember it from the hint, it will be mailed when you click on the Mail It to me link.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I have to do to join the club?

From the main Listener Club sign-in page, find the I Want to Register Now button and click it! We will search for your information. If we have no membership profile started for you, then we will create a new one. Simply provide the information that appears on the screen (note that not all information on the form is required).

How do I sign up for the club?

  1. If you have never been in the Listener Club before, click the I Want to Register Now button on the first sign-in page.
  2. We need your first name and last name; and at least one other piece of information (your HOME zip code, your birthdate, and/or your email address). If your account was started by a friend's referral, be sure to enter the name and email address as it was fed to you in the registration email.
  3. If we have an entry started for you, the information will be displayed and you can use this account to update your information.
  4. If we don't have an entry for you simply click the I Want to Register Now button and fill out the personal profile form.

Do I have to fill out all the fields on the registration form?

No. Just the fields located under The following information is REQUIRED to Join title. The fields under The following information is NOT REQUIRED to Join title are not required - although some of the information may be required later for participation in contests or other events.

Does my Listener Club membership cost anything?

It is absolutely FREE!

The Listener Club is our way to say "thank you for being a loyal listener."

What happens if I forget my user name? Is there a process for retrieving this information?

You do not need to create a new log-in or password.
  1. From main Listener Club sign-in page, under the user name field click on the I forgot it link.
  2. Enter YOUR NAME and Birthday, Zip Code, or e-Mail Address to see if we already have your information. Submit the information by clicking on the "Continue" button
  3. A user name will appear on the screen - if this is not your user name click on the:
    - or -

Is there a process to help me remember my password?

You do not need to create a new log-in or password.

From main Listener Club sign-in page, supply your user name and click on the Mail it to me option and your password information will be email to you.

How did my information get into the database?

If you found that your information was already in the database, you may have won an on-air contest with us, entered one of our drawings, or e-mailed us with comments or questions.

How private is the information I give you?

All information you give us is held confidentially. We do not sell your information; it is just for The Octopus use.

(We may, from time to time, send information on behalf of our advertisers; but that is sent to you only if you have indicated you are interested in receiving information in that topic category.)

How do I discontinue my Listener Club membership?

From the main Listener Club menu, click on the choice to change your CONTACT INFORMATION. There should be a link to cancel your Listener Club membership on this page. If you cannot find this link you can access it directly here.

Who do I contact if the web site does not answer my question?

Just send us an email and we will answer your question(s) as quickly as we can!

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