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Career Opportunities

"You're your own boss. You're responsible for your own success. Plus, I have two kids and it's important to have a flexible schedule."
- Carole McBride
"I found that Bankers Life and Casualty Company has a philosophy of empowering their sales representatives to fulfill their highest potential. This attracted me to their career opportunities."
- Rosa Pumariega
"We specialize in the senior marketplace so we really know what's important to seniors and what's affecting them at this point in their lives...and we can help them."
- Kindra Sailers

Our prospecting systems will
help you get in front of qualified
and make sales.

Our group of outstanding Agents and Managers represents our products in the marketplace every day. Our very future depends on them and people like you who want to take advantage of the unique opportunity for unlimited growth potential.

Through company-sponsored lead and prospecting programs, cross selling initiatives, and agent-driven advertising systems, our prospecting programs encompass all the various methods and means to help you get in front of qualified prospects and make sales.

Lead Programs
A pioneer in the direct mail industry, Bankers has developed a proven lead program that allows Agents access to some of the most sought-after prospects in the country.

Whether Bankers does the work for you, or you take advantage of an Agent-driven program, you can be confident in knowing your efforts are supported by a lead prospecting system that's proven to be one of the most successful in the industry.

Agent-Initiated Advertising
Through Bankers' innovative Career Agent Sales Help (CASH) program, as a result of your selling efforts, you'll earn "CASH" which can be used to access a wide variety of advertising and prospecting tools designed to fit your business-building needs.

By using traditional advertising methods such as newspaper, direct mail, radio or yellow pages advertising or more conventional means such as publication inserts, automated mail leads, seminars or exhibits, you'll have access to time-tested materials that will help you generate leads and make sales.

Through this program, you'll not only have access to traditional and conventional types of innovative advertising tools, but will have the ability to pay for them through the company-sponsored advertising allowances program.

In today's world of opportunity,
the future is Bankers.

At Bankers Life and Casualty Company, 6 figure incomes are reality. We have top new Agents earning $170,000 or more in their first year, veteran Agents earning $300,000 or more and our top Branch Sales Managers earning in excess of $500,000 per year. Need we say more?

Bankers Life and Casualty Company offers one of the best compensation packages in the industry. This second-to-none compensation package is broken down into four categories:

Advanced Commissions
In order to provide early income to new Agents, the Advanced Commission program enables new Agents to receive daily commission advances through direct deposits into a designated bank account.

$120,000 Bonus Program
Bankers offers a quarterly bonus program that allows its Agents the ability to earn $120,000 a year in addition to normal commissions.

Renewal Commissions
In addition to advanced commissions and the potential to earn up to $120,000 in bonuses, Agents receive renewal commissions that allow them to earn income when a client's policy terms are extended.

Deferred Compensation
Designed to provide Agents with annual income after retirement, the Deferred Compensation program allows Agents to receive a percentage of their total eligible commissions on a monthly basis after retirement.

We offer complete training programs
to make sure that you have the tools necessary to
making sales immediately.

When we say we offer a career for life, we mean it. To help you start your career at Bankers, we offer a complete training program to ensure immediate success. We'll also provide you with the opportunity and support necessary to help you advance your career into one of our many Management positions.

To help you maximize your earnings potential, the following Agent and Management training and prospecting programs are offered:

Agent Training

During the first week under contract, QuIPS (Quick Impact Presentation System) teaches Agents how to make a basic sales presentation and achieve sales early in their career.

This two-day seminar increases an Agent's sales skills and takes production to a higher level. This seminar normally takes place 30 to 180 days after initial contract.

This two-day seminar builds on skills gained from the Fast Start Program and introduces the agent to Bankers' unique probing strategies and cross-selling techniques.

This modular training system helps develop product knowledge as well as specific sales techniques.

Management Training

Spirit of Performance
This skills-based training program emphasizes Agent development, proper management, communication, and team building skills.

Our numerous
programs are designed to award the elite
AGENTS and MANAGERS of our organization.

In addition to our second-to-none compensation package, we have developed recognition and reward programs designed to award the top producing Agents and Managers of our organization.

Those ambitious individuals who earnestly compete for company performance recognition during the year experience the priceless sense of accomplishment that's attained through excellence not to mention great prizes, trips and awards.

Bankers' outstanding Agent and Management trips and incentives include:

Annual Conventions
Each year, hundreds of the top Bankers Agents and Managers are whisked away to enjoy a first-class, relaxing convention. Past locations have included Paradise Island, the Bahamas, San Diego, California, Hilton Head, South Carolina and Tucson, Arizona, to name a few.

Sales Campaigns
Bankers' Agents and Managers compete to qualify for a number of premium items, awards and trips through our creative sales campaigns. Past prizes have included Rolex watches, computers, cash, electronics, and much, much more.

Sales Leaders Trip
Each year, Bankers' elite Agents enjoy a leisure trip to an exotic destination. Past destinations have included Australia, Maui, Bermuda, and a Mediterranean cruise.

Annual Recognition Awards Program
The company's top Agents and Managers receive recognition and awards by achieving sales success and motivating others to reach greater production levels.

President's Honor Circle
Agents receive membership in the President's Honor Circle when they achieve an elite status within the company. These Agents receive expanded deferred compensation credits, complimentary business cards and note pads, an increased advertising allowance, as well as other valuable incentives.

Executive Council
Each year, Branch Sales Managers are chosen to serve on the elite Executive Council. Here, these Managers are recognized for their outstanding achievements in sales management and Branch development and are asked to provide valuable insight into the company's business practices. They are rewarded with an Executive Council ring as well as with an invitation to attend special meetings throughout the year.

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