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Six Flags Magic Mountain Employment Opportunities


Animal Care Specialist
Job duties will include: observation and reporting abnormalities, enforce health and safety rules pertaining to guests, fellow employees, and animals. Also includes the performance of educational presentations. Candidates should have previous speaking and lecturing experience as well as experience in cleaning, feeding, maintaining, and handling a variety of wild and exotic animals. Must also have had courses in animal husbandry, animal behavior, nutrition, and zoology. Must be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.

Animal Chatter
Duties will also include: observation and reporting abnormalities; enforce health and safety rules pertaining to guests, fellow employees, and animals; and performance of educational presentations. Must have had courses in animal husbandry, animal behavior, nutrition, and zoology. Candidates should have previous experience with speaking and lecturing as well as experience in cleaning, feeding, maintaining, and handling a variety of wild and exotic animals. Must be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent

Animal Farm Attendant
Job duties include general care and feeding of farm animals; cleaning of barn and yard facilities; enforcing all health and safety rules pertaining to guests, fellow employees, and animals; observe and report any animal abnormalities; light construction.

Job duties will include answering telephones, typing, filing, and working with supervisors. Applicants for this position must possess good verbal and written communication skills, type at least 40 wpm, have experience working in an office, a professional demeanor, and must be at least 18 years of age. Some knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel or other spreadsheet program is a plus. Hours may vary.

Float Driver
Job duties will include driving floats, maintaining lighting, parade vehicles, and general housekeeping. Driving a large vehicle is a plus, but not necessary. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and have a valid CA driver license.

This position requires that you sing and dance to entertain guests in Moose Burger Lodge. You VERY outgoing, friendly, and enjoy interacting with the guests. You must have flexible hours.

Duties include the set-up and operation of all show facilities to include sweeping, squeegee, mopping in order to make the theatre clean and safe. The placement of signage to inform guests of the show times and the movement of people inside the theater that should be done in a safe and orderly fashion. Must be available weekends and holidays. Must be at least 18 years of age.

Job duties will include minor repairs and laundry. Candidates for this position should have basic sewing skills. Industrial single needle and over lock machine experience is required. Good communication skills and basic pattern-making skills are also required. Must be available to work nights and weekends. Will train. Must be over 18 years of age and have a valid CA driver license. 16-40 hrs/wk through September.


Cash Control
Job responsibilities include setting up till banks, accounting of park revenues and auditing. Candidates should have good math aptitude; previous cash handling experience is required. Various shifts available. $6/hr (Graveyard: $6.28).


Job duties will include working in our premier Restaurants. Applicants must have previous serving experience, an outgoing personality, be able to interact well with guests and animated characters, and be able to sing-along and dance with other servers. Must be at least 18 years of age.

·Check out cash bag from Cash Control, verify till, and set-up register
·Greet guests, take guest orders, and ring up till on cash register, receive money, and give change
·Fill order, say "Thank You"
·Prepare food, fill condiments, and operate soda machine
·Keep area clean, stocking, washing dishes, and tables, set tables, and sweep floors
·Complete cashier paperwork


Responsibilities include general office skills, typing, filing, and heavy data entry. Computer experience is a plus. Must have an outgoing personality and the ability to work in busy office surroundings.

·Initiate guest interaction
·Handle guest interactions, such as questions, complaints, and requests for assistance
·Maintain a positive and friendly attitude
·Handle multiple cash transactions in an efficient manner without the use of a calculating device
·Ensure that location is clean and organized.
·General cleaning, sweeping floors, clean machines, aisle, and order supplies.
·Control game operation (depositing sales, awarding prizes, and explaining rules)


·Operate cash register, credit card machine, pricing machine and pricing gun, pintagger, and tagger gun
·Interact with guest, display merchandise,take inventory, stocks/Uses dumbwaiter/dolly, and clean.
·Pick up money at cash control and key at office, carry to location, uses a safe or drop box.


Building & Grounds
·Haul all full trash gondolas to trash compactor, dump all full trash gondolas.
·Sweep restroom floor, flush all toilets/urinals.
·Empty all sanitary receptacle, empty trashcan, disinfect all seat bowl/urinals.
·Clean sink, spot clean walls, restock all dispensers, and mop floors.
·Pump full trash bag into the gondola, put trash in a plastic liner.
Sweep all kitchen floors, squeegee floor, clean windows, and counter tops.

Communications Clerk
·Operate telephones, provide information as needed, and take care of calls for assistance.
·Operate two-way radio consoles and switchboard.
·Direct radio traffic and dispatch calls.
·Monitor closed circuit TV system and Fire/Security alarm system.

Guest Relations
·Answer all incoming calls, direct call to the proper department, answer questions/give directions to guest
·Do Park pages, hand out maps, show schedules, special event information.
·Handle guest problems, issue refunds, complimentary tickets, temporary shopper passes.
·Assist employees in setting up comp tickets.
·Assist security with first aid pages, and assist guests with lost children, and lost articles.
·Greet and assist guest with paperwork for season pass.
·Input data into computer, take picture of guest for season pass card, and laminate card.

Main Gate
·Check tickets and guest for accuracy/compliance for entry, direct guest through entrance turnstiles.
·Scan or key guest season pass cards, stamp guest hands for readmission.
·Validate and redeem twickets.
·Sell parking tickets to guest, hand out promotional literature.
·Greet guest at Ticket Window, ask guest number of tickets they wish to purchase.
·Check height of children if any child tickets are being purchased.
·Ring up the transaction on cash register.

Park Service Attendant (PSA)
·Sweep park grounds, clean park planters, and squeegee park midways.
·Wipe down display cars.
·Bus picnic areas and bus eating areas.
·Clean que lines and clean up spills.
·Empty out trashcans.

Parking Lot
·Set up parking lot with cones, direct traffic into lot and parking spaces.
·Traffic control-crossing attendant for Feedmill Road, make safety spiel when approaching tram stops.
·Inspect tram making sure it is in safe operating condition, clean and has all sign off.
·Check all mirrors, visual inspection of surrounding area and obtain voice clearance from spieler before moving tram, use 2-way radio to report any problems and maintain proper distance between trams. Give clear signal to control panel when secure, observe guest riding for any violations.
·Fill out log sheet when operation of tram is ready.
·Inform the guest of the safety and park information spiels.
·Watch guests as they board tram, observe the guests while the tram is in motion watching for potential problems.
·Visually check both sides of the train after guests have boarded to ensure everyone is properly seated.
·Give tram driver the clear message when tram is ready, and operate tram within proper speed limit.
·Inform driver of any problems or hazards.
·Kennel operation check in and out of animals.

Ride Operator
·Direct guests into units, check for compliance with rider policies, height requirements.
·Make necessary spiel instructions.
·Assist guests with safety restraints, check safety restraints to ensure they are locked in place.
·Give clear signal to control panel when secure, observe guest riding for any violations.
·Monitor que line area, deal with line cutters, any guest problem, monitor and set up overflow areas, clean and dry que line and location, and monitor trash cans.

Survey Taker/Interviewer
·Collecting survey data by interviewing Park guests
·Greeting and interviewing Park guests
·Conducting research projects
·Picking up trash and assisting guests when needed


·Patrol assigned area and report any criminal or unusual activity
·Take appropriate action when needed to protect guests, employees, and Co. property
·Complete documentation as needed to record incidents & activity
·Drive Co. vehicles to patrol parking and back areas, and provide transportation when needed.

Metal Detector Officer
·Process guests through the metal detectors, perform hand held metal detector screenings
·Interact with guests concerning metal detector issues
·Patrol ride attraction lines, interact with guests regarding queue line situations

Six Flags Magic Mountain & Hurricane Harbor is an equal opportunity employer & supports a drug free environment.

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