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"I played touch football in college with my boyfriend, both knees ended up injured. I learned to live with the pain. Started Yoga at age 55 with no thought of curing knee problems. A year after starting Yoga, I walked out of a movie theater realizing, I just got up and walked out with no problem, all because of Yoga!"
Becky B.

"Look at me, I'm one can believe it! I have practiced Yoga for 9 years."
Cathy L.

"I grew tired of the loud music and noise in gyms that had a new gimmick every other week. Yoga has kept me in the physical and spiritual health I have always hoped for. There's a good reason that Yoga has been around for thousands of years."
Tyler E.
What is Yoga?

Yoga is a highly advanced science that aligns and strengthens the body, using postures in stillness and flow.

Yoga is a system of powerful stress management using, in addition to the postures, regulated breathing techniques to enhance oxygenation of the the lungs and blood.

Yoga is not a religion. In fact, it is a way to gain body-mind awareness to enhance whatever spiritual/religious beliefs you have. Yoga teaches a philosophy of living compatible with sound judgement.

"I was an aerobics teacher for many years, I began Yoga at age 38, suffered from numb extremities, light-headedness, lower back problems and fatigue. Symptoms slowly evaporated, I have never felt better! I am in my 11th year of Yoga, it changed my life."
Janet L.

"As a kid I had difficulty with normal movements that most people take for granted. The doctor said,"that's the way you are, you can adapt to it". After just two years of Yoga, normal movement is easy. Now I can do things that "normal" people find difficult!"
Andrea G.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

Anyone can benefit from studying yoga. Busy people use it to manage stress in their hectic lives. Pregnant women use it to prepare for the birth of their children. Elite athletes use it to recover from injuries. You can use it too!

When you study yoga, you will find that it works on several levels. As a beginner, you will experience the practice of yoga as a form of physical exercises that challenges and refines your flexibility, strength and balance.

As you progress with yoga, you will gain greater flexibility in your body and mind. Like any form of exercise, yoga helps develop physical strength. Yoga adds another dimension to this with a matching development in emotional strength that will help you handle the challenges of life with peace and balance.

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discover the peace and power within