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Gary Glitter Loses Appeal

Gary Glitter's back in a Vietnamese jail, but he could try once again to regain his freedom.  The defamed singer was unsuccessful in his attempt yesterday to get his conviction on child molestation charges overturned and his three-year prison sentence tossed out.  However, he is allowed to ask for a second appeal in the case.  But the '70s glam rocker doesn't seem to have a lot of confidence in the judicial system in Vietnam.  While Glitter showed restraint in the courtroom during the one-day hearing, while heading to the van to take him back to jail he shouted, "No justice in Vietnam," and claimed the judges, quote, "did not listen to the defense at all." After the hearing, which was closed to the media, the judge said through an interpreter that the appeal court was upholding the original decision and confirming the sentence handed down at that time, and added that Glitter will be deported once he completes his prison term.  While Glitter was tried and convicted back in March, he's been in jail since his arrest in November.  The judge noted Glitter will be credited for time served.  (metrosource)

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June 22, 2006

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