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Darrell Wayne
Monday - Friday: 2pm - 7pm

Darrell Wayne was born and raised on Southern California Radio. He has been a Radio Program Director in Los Angeles and on-air personality at alternative KROQ FM for several years.  Darrell also ran the extremely reputable Don Martin Broadcasting School, training radio and television talent and techicians and has worked for a major syndicator of radio programming.
Darrell is a Ventura resident, and loves the local lifestyle.  He holds a Masters degree in Business Adminstration from California Lutheran University and is a local business owner, working in the Aerospace industry.  When he's not working on The Octopus, Darrell is the editor of, an Internet site dedicated to preserving the memory of Southern California Broadcasters of the past 50 years.

Cheryl Hines can't curb her enthusiasm for acting
In this youth-obsessed society actresses often worry they're too old for a role. But Cheryl Hines was convinced she was too young. For seven years Hines played Larry David's patient wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm, a role she was sure she wouldn't win. more
A look ahead at the week in movies and TV
BIG SCREEN State of Play (R) -- The usually-hot Russell Crowe looks mangy here, so he must be playing a dogged reporter in this thriller about a journalist who tries to solve the murder of the mistress of a congressman (Ben Affleck). All this action must be taking his mind off impending layoffs, pay cuts, the fact that his 401(k) is worth about 12 bucks and that his future inevitably will be writing a series of high-profile pieces on Paris Hilton's latest... more
Banned in Jerusalem, playing Miami Beach
A Light for Greytowers, a film by an Orthodox Jewish group that is meant to be seen by women only, will screen Sunday and Monday at the Colony Theatre in Miami Beach. more
Can Miley Cyrus go from Hannah Montana to grown-up stardom?
Hannah Montana, meet Hayley Mills. Once upon a time, before Disney World, Mills was Disney's biggest attraction. After Pollyanna (1960) won her stardom and a special Oscar, the young Mills appeared in five Disney films in four years: The Parent Trap, In Search of the Castaways, Summer Magic, The Moon-Spinners and That Darn Cat! more
Miami Latin Gay Film Festival coming to South Beach
There are dozens -- and dozens -- of gay film festivals worldwide, including two very popular ones held annually in Miami/Fort Lauderdale and Tampa. Now comes a new one, which organizers hope will satisfy an obvious niche here in South Florida: The Miami Latin Gay Film Festival. more


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