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Lynyrd Skynyrd's Medlocke Questions War

As the U.S. looks like it is marching towards a military conflict with Iraq, many Americans are openly questioning whether or not it's an appropriate course of action. One of those is Rickey Medlocke, a founding member of both Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blackfoot.
Unlike some of the other people voicing antiwar sentiments, Medlocke says he's a fan of President George W. Bush, but that doesn't mean he's fully behind the administration's cause. "I wonder to myself about why we're going to war at such an extreme rush with Iraq," Medlocke said. "And don't misunderstand me, and folks out there that hear this, don't misunderstand me. Look--if the weapons are there, and we feel it's a threat, and we know it's gonna be a threat, I believe to save people's lives and to keep our own security--and around the country, around the world, keep other people's security--yes, it should be eliminated, but let's don't do it for personal reasons."
Medlocke adds that the president's father, former President George H.W. Bush, had the chance to solve this problem back in 1991. "We didn't get the job done the first time when [General Norman] Schwarzkopf said, 'I'm here, I'm poised, I'm ready. I can go in and get him. We're gonna have to go get him sooner or later, or he's gonna cause us problems again'--which, here it is, it comes to pass--'I can go in and get him now.' But no, we didn't do that. The U.N. stopped us from doing that. And then, all of a sudden, you know, Saddam Hussein -from what I've read--had it in for, you know, George [H.W.] Bush. And now, we got George [W.] Bush in, and I'm just wondering how personal this thing has become."
Medlocke is working on some acting roles, and he's started writing a book about his life and career.
Skynyrd's next studio album is due this year, the band's 30th recording anniversary. Plans are being set out for a world tour to mark the milestone, and a European run with Deep Purple kicks off May 29.
-- Bruce Simon, New York (launch.com)
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