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Disgruntled Fan Plans Rise Against The Boss

A Winnipeg man's campaign to rise up against Bruce Springsteen is on a world tour. A story in yesterday's Winnipeg Sun on Stu Reid's plan to egg The Boss' tour trucks as they bypass our city made was picked up around the globe, from the Web site of British mag NME to Rolling Stone's online component. "All of the Springsteen news groups are all abuzz about it. Most of them think it's hilarious, but some don't get the joke," says Reid, who also received dozens of e-mails -- both pro and con -- about his plan. Springsteen is playing shows in Canadian cities between Vancouver and Montreal in April, but didn't include Winnipeg on his tour. Reid, a longtime Springsteen fan, decided to vent his frustration by getting disgruntled fans to pelt tour trucks with eggs and vegetables. Now he admits he's having second thoughts. "I don't want to ruffle any feathers," he says. "All we would be accomplishing would be to terrorize a truck driver." And maybe get busted -- RCMP Sgt. Steve Saunders noted anyone caught throwing things at vehicles could face Criminal Code or Highway Traffic Act charges. Reid said he'll make a decision shortly on whether to go through with the stunt. By Winnipeg Sun Staff

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