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Jimi Hendrix Gets New Memorial

A new memorial for rock icon Jimi Hendrix will open in April with "rainbow" marble and more space to accommodate the thousands of fans who pay homage to the legendary guitarist each year, his family said on Tuesday.
The domed tomb, which will feature granite walkways, multicolored marble and a bronze sculpture of Hendrix, is nearing completion in the Greenwood Memorial Park and Cemetery in Renton, 10 miles south of Seattle, Hendrix's birthplace, said Janie Hendrix, Jimi's half-sister.
Hendrix, who died in London in 1970, was credited with changing the sound of rock music in the 1960s with his virtuoso electric guitar distortion and feedback techniques.
The previous grave site, in the same cemetery, was often left muddy from the frequent Seattle rain and littered with beer cans left by fans paying homage to the guitarist.
"There were thousands of people visiting each year, but it was muddy and wasn't conducive to the fans playing homage," Janie Hendrix said. "Our father wanted it done before he passed away last year."
Hendrix's remains have already been placed in the new memorial along with those of his father Al Hendrix and Al's second wife and Jimi's step-mother, Ayako "June" Hendrix.
The new memorial will have benches for visitors and the sculpture, being carved in Italy, will arrive soon, Janie Hendrix said. SEATTLE (Reuters)

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