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Gene Simmons Awaits "Osbournes" Premiere

Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, Jack, and the rest of the menagerie will be in the spotlight again on Tuesday (June 10), when the fourth season of ‘The Osbournes’ hits MTV.
The show has earned quite a following since it began, including some of Ozzy's high-profile peers. One of those is Kiss singer-bassist Gene Simmons, who said he's known Osbourne for a long time and is a big fan of the show.
"The music world is so full of boring people, it's great to see somebody who's interesting, at the very least, whether you're a fan of Ozzy's music or not," Simmon said. "I mean, this is a unique guy, who's obviously survived the times, and here's hoping he and his family survive more."
Kiss will release The Kiss Symphony: Alive IV on July 22. The album was recorded February 28, 2003 when the band played with the 60-piece Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at the Telstar Dome in Melbourne, Australia. Also on the bill that night were the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra and the Australian Children's Choir. A DVD and pay-per-view broadcast of the show will come later this year.
Kiss hits the road with Aerosmith and opening act Saliva starting August 2 in Hartford, Connecticut.
An official biography called Kiss: Behind The Mask comes out in October.
Osbourne's annual Ozzfest kicks off June 28 in San Antonio, Texas. (launch.com)

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