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Promoters Pull Plug On Bonaroo NE

Promoters said they were pulling the plug on a planned three-day music festival featuring Bob Dylan, The Dead and Tom Petty this August, citing a rival promoter's failure to obtain the necessary permits from town and county officials on eastern Long Island.
"We have investigated and analyzed the circumstances surrounding the cancellation of Field Day, as well as the atmosphere which the cancellation has created," Jesse Garcia, a spokesman for the Bonnaroo NE Music Festival, said in a statement Tuesday, which was also posted on the organizers' Web site.
"After careful consideration, we are disappointed to announce that it is impossible for us to proceed and we must cancel Bonnaroo NE."
The Field Day festival had been scheduled for a former Grumman airfield in the town of Riverhead last weekend, but promoters had to move the show featuring Radiohead and the Beastie Boys to Giants Stadium in New Jersey after the Suffolk County health department refused to issue a permit for the gathering.
Health officials had said that organizers failed to secure a proper security force for the expected crowd of 50,000. Riverhead officials also withheld permits after the county's refusal.
Although county officials had made no determination on permits for the August shows, Bonnaroo NE organizers said they found "it would be irresponsible to the artists, to the festival goers, to citizens in the community, and to ourselves to move ahead with our plans given the circumstances that now exist."
Bonnaroo NE promoters said all ticket holders would receive refunds. GARDEN CITY, N.Y.(AP)

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