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Metallica Has A Sense Of Humor

It turns out Metallica does have a sense of humor. The band is well-known for their willingness to take legal action when they feel they've been crossed. But, when a bogus news story about the band suing an unknown Canadian band, Unfaith, for using the guitar chords "E" and "F" recently made the rounds, the band was amused. Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett told the St. Louis Post Dispatch he thought the prank was a riot. He said, "That's hilarious...Metallica has always been the butt of a lot of jokes. We've always been outsiders. We've always been n the fringe. It's always easy to pick on the kid with the green hair."
The real frontman of Unfaith, Erik Ashley, created the story himself, and cleverly designed the Internet posting to make it look like a real MTV news item. The phony story was quickly picked up and reported on by radio stations and newspapers around the world. Even ABC's Jimmy Kimmel mentioned the lawsuit on his late-night talk show on July 15--but then retracted the story the next night when the hoax was revealed. (launch.com)
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