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Roger Daltrey's "Extreme History"

In a new half-hour series launching on The History Channel, Roger Daltrey, lead singer of the legendary rock band The Who, takes viewers back in time to experience the nitty-gritty, day-to-day realities of some of history's greatest moments. Daltrey, an avid history buff, goes on location to demonstrate the challenges of surviving history's epic adventures, explorations, and battles. EXTREME HISTORY with Roger Daltrey" is fast-moving, entertaining and information-packed. It premieres on The History Channel(R) on Sunday, October 5, 2003 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT with "Surviving the Colorado River."
Each week, Roger meets a team of experts on location who show him historical techniques for survival including how people navigated extreme terrain, weathered harsh climates, and survived on what they could kill or gather. Along the way, the viewer learns about the historical event and gets a very real sense of what life was like back then. Roger digs trenches, runs rapids, scales cliffs one-handed, ropes cattle, and eats some really nasty stuff. Roger's reaction: "Help!"
But Roger is game to try it all: One week, he survives in the mountains of Montana like Lewis and Clark did in 1805. The next, he boards a wooden boat and survives the Colorado rapids as John Wesley Powell did in 1869. Another week, he saddles up and endures the life of a cowboy on the famed Chisholm Trail in 1867. Each time, whether he's catching rattlesnakes, shooting Colts or forging battleaxes, Daltrey demonstrates that in order to make history, the first thing you have to do is survive it.

Upcoming episodes of "EXTREME HISTORY with Roger Daltrey":

Surviving the Colorado River (October 5): In 1869 a one-armed Civil War veteran, 35-year-old Major John Wesley Powell, and nine men set out in a small flotilla of wooden rowboats to conquer the final American frontier, the previously uncharted Colorado River. Three months later, only five of the original company plus Powell emerged from their nearly 1,000-mile journey. In this episode of Extreme History, Roger Daltrey takes on the mighty and muddy Colorado in a replica Powell boat to get a firsthand look at what life was like on the expedition. From bow to stern, Roger captains, rows and steers his way down the waters that chewed up Powell's boats and relentlessly tested the strength of his men. From the dangerous process of lining, to a thrilling, one-armed climb along the 500-foot-high river walls, Roger relives moments from the expedition that no one but Powell thought could be completed.

Surviving a Buffalo Hunt (October 12): Never in history have the lives of man and beast been more intertwined ... To the Plains Indian, the buffalo was his food, his shelter, his clothes -- his very culture. In this episode of Extreme History, Roger Daltrey experiences the life of America's ultimate big game hunters. A foremost expert on Indian history teaches him to don a wolf skin and stalk to within 30 yards of a huge herd of wild buffalo before unleashing an arrow. Roger learns how to turn a buffalo hide into a blanket, makes his own arrows out of bison bones and innards, turns a fresh bladder into dinnerware, and squares off in a winner-takes-all fight to the death with a Plains warrior in this hardcore half-hour from the perspective of the original Americans. Roger Daltrey earns a feather in his cap, as Extreme History heads to the wide-open spaces of Wyoming to find out how Plains Indians lived and died on the trail of the buffalo.

Surviving the Wild West (October 19): For twenty years, thousands of cowboys drove millions of steers through the rugged prairies of Texas and Oklahoma. The path was called the Chisholm Trail. It was a lonely, dust-choked path fraught with hardship and danger. In this episode of Extreme History, Roger Daltrey is in 1867 as he straps on his spurs and heads to West Texas to experience the rough-and-tumble life of a cowboy. From driving cattle to gunfighting to catching and cooking Western Diamondback rattlers, Roger takes on the extreme elements of the cowboy's golden age.

Surviving the Life of a Caveman (October 26): Millions of years ago, our ancestors weren't at the top of the food-chain, but over eons they learned to use their hands and brains to become the king of beasts. In this episode, Roger Daltrey goes prehistoric, as Extreme History re-creates the greatest survival story of humankind -- the survival of our own species. Roger learns how to fashion history's first tools, learns the secrets of making fire, fashions a sling and takes aim at some cuddly creatures, heads to a football field to see just how far he can throw a spear, builds and sails one of history's first boats, slaps together one of history's first houses, and picks up his stone-age weapon for a very real man-hunt. It's a hands-on look at how our great-great ancestors survived and thrived.

Surviving the Lewis and Clark Expedition (November 2): Two hundred years ago, two trailblazers led an expedition in search of a water route to the Pacific Ocean. They never found it, but along the way they discovered an America that few Europeans had ever seen. In this episode of EXTREME HISTORY, Roger Daltrey heads to the wilds of Montana to discover firsthand how Lewis and Clark, in 1805, survived their epic journey. Roger will shoot, forge, carve, skin, gut, and cook just as the men did on the expedition. It's a down-and-dirty look at how two captains battled the odds and the elements and won the honor of becoming true American legends.

Other upcoming EXTREME HISTORY topics include:
-- Surviving an 1812 Battleship (November 9)
-- Surviving the Civil War (November 23)
-- Surviving NASCAR (November 30)
-- Surviving the Life of a Fireman (December 7)

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