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Gregg Allman "Life Is Sweet"

Life is sweet for Gregg Allman these days. The ubiquitous Allman Brothers Band recently completed a tour and released an album, and Allman is currently building his dream house with his wife.
"I'm working on relaxing right now," Allman told The Associated Press. "I'm relaxing just as hard as I can."
Allman said he's heard building a home can cause marital problems, but he's not too worried.
"I hear tell it has broken up marriages before, but that would take a couple of real hard heads, somebody that wouldn't give at all," he said.
The southern rockers released a newly remixed version of "The Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East" and are also featured in "Tom Dowd and the Language of Music," a film about the legendary producer and engineer with Atlantic Records. Dowd worked with musicians like the Allmans, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton and Otis Redding.
Allman said the film, which appeared on the Sundance Channel last Friday, isn't for everybody, but it's for most.
"If they want to see where rock 'n' roll came from, they oughta watch that. If they're a blues lover, they definitely oughta watch it," he said. "If they're in a band at all, they oughta watch it. If they're a producer, up and coming, they damn sure oughta watch it, it's like required reading."
Dowd pioneered concepts like multi-track and stereo recording, and worked in the recording industry for more than a half-century before his death on Oct. 27, 2002.
"'They use too much studio,' that was one of this old sayings," Allman said of Dowd. "Simplicity is so beautiful." SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP)

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