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Bono Cheered In Canada

They cheered him like a rock star, but U2's Bono didn't sing. The Irish singer delivered a moving speech Friday night to Canada's governing Liberal Party urging the leaders to take decisive action against poverty and AIDS. Bono alternated between sly one-liners and poignant pleas for Canada to be a global leader as he addressed the party convention, where Paul Martin became the new party leader and prime minister-in-waiting Friday.
Wearing a dark jacket, dark blue shirt and his trademark blue-tinted glasses, Bono joked at the start that the screams and whoops that greeted him showed the convention "was more rock 'n' roll than I thought." The singer also praised Canada as a country where idealism still lives. "You're not so self-obsessed and this is coming from a rock star, so believe me, I know self-obsessed," he said. "I believe the world needs more Canada."
Bono praised Martin, Canada's former finance minister who promoted some debt reduction steps for developing countries, as "pretty cool."
Bono urged Canada to "embarrass the world" into following its example of trying to get cheaper generic copies of patented medicines to Africa for AIDS and other diseases. TORONTO(AP)

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