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David Lee Roth Rings In New Year

“Everybody wants some! I want some, too!” Ain’t that the truth? When David Lee Roth roared those words with his old band, you knew you were watching a man in his element, a kid living his dream doing exactly what he should be doing — which is rock you like a mofo-ing hurricane. For sheer lung power, animal-in-heat moves and butt-exposing bravado, Roth may be the consummate rock & roll performer, the Liza of heavy metal. He’s never pulled an Axl or turned to spirituality or, God forbid, reinvented himself. Even when he traded spandex for coat and hat during his “Just a Gigolo” period, it was all for the purpose of entertaining you. He’s been screwed over, yet you can’t kill Roth’s kind of spirit. He’s here for you at the House of Blues on New Year’s Eve, when boozin’ and Bacchanalin’ in public places is encouraged. Dave will no doubt deliver the quiver and pop your cork. Count down — way down — with Diamond Dave and discover happiness. (Libby Molyneaux -
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