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Deep Purple Adds "Machine Head" To Set List

Deep Purple have added their classic 'Machine Head' album to their current setlist and will play their pivotal album in it's entirety on their next tour.
For many fans 'Machine Head' was their landmark album. Released in 1972, it was the album that gave birth to the all-time classic rock song 'Smoke On The Water'.
This was the album which opened with 'Highway Star' and concluded with 'Space Truckin'. Ever single track off the record received airplay and the title itself many years later leant itself to the California hard rock act of the same name.
The album is a favourite even with the band members. In 1997, bass player Roger Glover went back into the studio to work on a remastered version of the album for the 25th anniversary. In the sleeve notes he wrote "I am intrigued to hear exactly what we all played, the details over the years being lost. I am like a kid, excited at hearing the bare bones of one of the most important periods of my life. It all seems so simple and straightforward compared to what can be done now. On the other hand its simplicity is its strength; the ideas are bold, the playing full of energy and to the point".
Deep Purple will perform 'Machine Head' as part of their Bananas North American tour starting February 8 in Vancouver, Canada.

The Deep Purple Machine Head tracklisting is:
1. Highway Star
2. Maybe I'm A Leo
3. Pictures Of Home
4. Never Before
5. Smoke On The Water
6. Lazy
7. Space Truckin'
by Paul Cashmere (undercover.com.au)
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