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Alice Cooper Knows What Makes People Tick

Alice Cooper has seen a lot in his more than 30 years in the music business, and it's given him some insight into what makes people tick. After touring the world several times over, Cooper has learned that people don't go nuts when something really goes wrong--it's smaller problems that often send them into a rage. That's the inspiration behind his new song "It's The Little Things," from his most recent album Brutal Planet. Cooper told LAUNCH what he was thinking about when he wrote the song. "It's the little things that make you pop. Somebody cuts you off in traffic--you're ready to kill 'em," he said. "Ten minutes later, you wouldn't do anything. You would just go, 'Aw, what a jerk.' That's what I was trying to say, was like, big things don't matter. It's the little thing that goes like this and pushes you off the cliff. The one finger that goes 'dink.' AAAAHHHH!," he laughed. -- Bruce Simon, New York (
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