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Metallica Action Figures On The Way

Action figure guru Todd McFarlane unveiled the sculptures of the forthcoming Metallica action figures at his showroom during Toy Fair on Sunday, February 11. The figures come with instruments, including a monster double-bass drum set for drummer Lars Ulrich. The figures also come with a stage, music, and a working lighting rig for the front of the stage. The figures have long hairstyles and sport clothing circa 1988, with recently departed bassist Jason Newsted in the band. Unlike other figures, Metallica will be sold as a band set, which is tentatively scheduled to arrive in stores in October. There's no set price for it, but it will be significantly higher that the $10-$15 the individual action figures go for. McFarlane told LAUNCH about Metallica agreeing to do the action figures. "We were originally talking about doing a music video that sort of fell through for MTV and the video music awards, and we'd also been talking off and on about doing the toys--and they're still pretty young at heart and going, 'Oh cool,' seeing some of the other products that we did. And I was going, 'Hey it would be cool to be able to do a whole band and be able to do sound.'" He added that McFarlane Toys used a special computer to make the Metallica figures look as real as the actual members. "We used a new technique that laser-scans their faces; and instead of sculpting their faces and trying to get their faces, the computer actually shoots their faces and sort of knows how far to go in and out," said McFarlane. He added that there was also some fine-tuning after the images were scanned. "Now that we got a real face -- we didn't sculpt the face -- it's them," he explained. "They had to go and do all these cool faces like this into the computer, right? Like, 'Don't smile. Like, remember what you do when you're actually doing a riff.' They had to sort of squint and grunt and pretend they were yelling and screaming, and they each did about 20 of them and they got to pick the one they liked the best and go, 'Oh, yeah, yeah that's the one right there!'" McFarlane added that the Metallica figures will be, by far, the most authentic from head to toe of any figure that he has done to date. -- Darren Davis, New York (launch.com)
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