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Southern California Gas Company Helps Save Energy and Money

The Octopus has teamed up with Southern California Gas Company to keep you informed about energy conservation. With wholesale natural gas prices high nationwide the Gas Company has several tips and guidelines, located at www.socalgas.com, to help you and your family.

Many individuals don't realize all the opportunities they have around the house to conserve energy and save money in the process. Included on the site are special sections to explain why gas prices are higher, to let you know what they can do to assist you, and to inform you about things you can do to reduce your bill.

Topics provided range from explanations on high gas prices to conservation hints. The site features The Interactive Home Tour. You can learn about rebates and energy savings tips by taking tours of different areas of the their interactive house.

For example when you enter the kitchen and click on the refrigerator you find out that it can eat up more electricity than any appliance in your home. It goes on to list money saving offers that exist, energy conservation tips, an appliance selection guide, and safety suggestions. One such conservation tip is that dirty coils on the back or bottom front of your refrigerator can make it work harder than necessary. Check and vacuum them at least twice a year.

For these and other helpful tips visit the Southern California Gas Company at www.socalgas.com.
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