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John Popper Is A New Man

Blues Traveler frontman John Popper looks like a new man. He is now down to 220 pounds after dropping close to 180 pounds. Popper's weight loss is the result of a medical procedure that limits his intake of food. Drummer Brendan Hill said, "From the time we were in high school he's been battling with a weight problem and I think it came to a head, in his mind, when [Blues Traveler bassist] Bobby [Sheehan] passed away [from a drug overdose]." Hill told LAUNCH that Popper finally decided to take action after events that hit close to home. "You know, there was a couple of heart scares, we had to cancel a Red Rocks show, so I think it was definitely on his mind and our minds," he said. "But when Bobby passed away I think that was a real soul-searching moment for him. [Blues Traveler guitarist] Chan [Kinchla] actually came to him with this procedure, which was actually not that common at that time, about two years ago. I think it's becoming more and more common now and I think it saved his life." Hill added, "He looks great, he's got so much more energy, he's really psyched for performing, and it's a new lease on life for him." -- Darren Davis, New York (
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