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Midnight Oil Will Tour USA

Midnight Oil will be spending most of 2002 away from Australia. The band have decided to give a serious concert injection back into America and Europe and attempt to rekindle their reputation as one of the world's great live acts. As part of the "all new rejuvenated Oils" plan, they have left longterm label Sony in the USA and signed with the new BMG imprint Liquid 8. The band have recorded a new album "Capricornia" and will shortly release the first single "Golden Age". It is currently unclear what the bands commitments to Sony will be globally in 2002. Their original contract bypassed Sony Australia and was inked with Sony UK. While the band considers their future, their future with Sony is also being questioned. A short statement from The Oils office says "Sony Music in Europe are considered as part of the negotiation". Midnight Oil have announced they will be consolidating their international agreements. The band plan to spend the first half of next year in America and it is their intention to spend the latter half of 2002 performing across Europe. by Paul Cashmere (
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