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David Lee Roth's New Project

David Lee Roth is in the midst of a new project that features contributions from Joe Cocker, Metallica's Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett, and Chic leader Nile Rodgers.
Details are sketchy, but Roth describes the current results as "one hour of edited, retina-roasting film, video, beats, and often imitated but never duplicated Roth-style hilarity." Roth is supposed to be working on another hour's worth of material in Los Angeles, for which he claims to have spent about $1 million of his own money. Others involved include Marilyn Manson guitarist John6 and producers Bob Rock and Bob Marlette.
On his website (, the onetime Van Halen frontman says, "It's sexy, hot, dangerous, good, fun adventure. You can tell from the photos on my website that controversy is right around the corner. The sole responsibility of any artist is to disturb...There's easily a record's worth of new songs. But the idea was to invent a new kind of television."
The site adds, "It's not really a show, it's not really a video, it's Diamond David Lee Roth. Watch this tape once all the way thru--and you will never look at other video artists again through the same eyes. Ever."
There's no word on when any of it will be released.
-- Bruce Simon, New York (
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