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Rod Stewart Sues Photographer

Rod Stewart claims a photographer is trying to shake him down over a few photos she took during a video shoot last year.
Stewart's company, Stewart Annoyances, Ltd., filed a lawsuit on Tuesday, May 14, in Los Angeles Superior Court/Central District against Pat Morris-Evans and Laura Morris for breach of contract, fraud, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, declaratory relief, and civil conspiracy to commit fraud.
As the suit explains, "Defendant Pat Morris-Evans, with the help and assistance of her daughter, defendant Laura Morris, used fraud and deception to advance herself professionally and financially by surreptitiously obtaining photographs of rock legend Rod Stewart. Now, in a perverse twist, even though Morris-Evans acted wrongfully, she is now demanding that Rod Stewart's company, Stewart Annoyances, Ltd., pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars for the use of two of the photographs. There is no basis for Morris-Evans' outrageous and extortionate demand."
Laura Morris was hired to produced Stewart's video for "I Can't Deny It" from 2001's Human and brought her mother, Pat Morris-Evans, a professional photographer, to the closed set in March 2000. Morris-Evans allegedly took photos of the rocker during the shoot without permission, according to the suit. She then sold a few of the images to Stewart's management for $1,000, which used them in a concert tour book for his Human tour. Though she was paid and given a photographer's credit for the photos, Morris-Evans then asked for $500,000 more, Stewart's company claims.
Stewart Annoyances, Ltd. is seeking "compensatory damages for breach of the agreement and compensatory and punitive damages for the fraud perpetrated by Morris-Evans and her daughter, which can only be characterized as a 'shake down.'"
-- Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna (
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