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Rolling Stone Reissues to Feature New Technology Format

A series of upcoming Rolling Stones reissues from ABKCO Records in August will mark the first albums by a major act to feature the new dual-layer hybrid Super Audio CD (SACD) technology.

Hybrid SACDs are both forward and backward compatible and can be played on an SACD player--allowing delivery of the format's high-resolution audio--or on any standard CD player.

The Rolling Stones Remastered series is due August 20 and includes 22 classic albums from 1963 through 1970, including single-disc releases, the 1970 live set Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!, and several other compilations.

The original SACD format was created by Sony and Philips Electronics, and launched in 1999.

-- Sue Falco, New York (LAUNCH.COM)

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