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Debut Who Gets Reissued With Bonuses

The Who's 1965 debut album, The Who Sings My Generation, featuring such rock anthems as the title track and "The Kids Are Alright," will be all dolled up for an Aug. 27 reissue.
The 30-track deluxe edition of the album will be remixed in stereo for the first time from the original three-track master tapes and digitally remastered as a double CD with 17 bonus recordings.
Among the never-before-released songs on the collection are Pete Townshend's "Instant Party Mixture," the full-length version of "The Good's Gone," James Brown's "I Don't Mind," an instrumental take on "My Generation," the a cappella version of Garnet Mimms' "Anytime You Want Me," and an alternate version of "Anyhow, Anywhere, Anyway," which was previously released only on a French EP.
The rest of the bonus tracks on the 30-track album include Brown's "Please, Please, Please," Bo Diddley's "I'm a Man," the regular version of "Anytime You Want Me," Martha and the Vandellas' "(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave" and "Motoring," versions of "My Generation" and "A Legal Matter" in mono with guitar overdubs, and more.
-- Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna (cdnow.com)
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