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Bon Jovi Takes It To The Web

Bon Jovi is the latest act taking it to the Web and the fans to help make important decisions about a forthcoming release.
The band has just posted a poll on www.bonjovi.com with three potential album titles that fans can vote on for its follow-up to 2000's Crush. They are: Bounce, Won, and One, or fans can fill in an idea of their own.
Other artists who have recently enlisted the help of fans include Bjork, who let her fans choose the track listing for her not-yet-titled greatest hits collection, and Public Enemy, who let fans remix songs for Revolverlution, create the artwork, and write the liner notes. And, last year, Pennywise had fans sing backing vocals on Land of the Free, while Collective Soul fans titled its new album Blender.
-- Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna(cdnow.com)
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