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Keith Richards Surprises Fans

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richardsís recent appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine has surprised fans and observers throughout the music industry. It's not because they feel Richards doesn't deserve the coveted spot--rather, it's his shirtless appearance that has taken people aback, a bold move for a man who turns 60 in December.
Among those cackling at Richards's image is his good friend Rod Stewart, who tells LAUNCH that such a pose might be preferable for someone a bit younger. "There's got to come a time when you ought cover up a little bit, 'cause I think people don't understand! I've got so many people phoning me up--Elton John told me, 'You've gotta see Keith on the front of Rolling Stone!'"]
But appearances aside, Stewart says he still has enormous respect for Richards and the Stones. "No one can come up with those riffs better, and no one has, as far as I'm concerned. He's the greatest. They're the greatest rock-and-roll band in the world. No one's ever gonna take that away from them. I mean, they might be looking a bit ancient now but, you know, it's what they do. They're the best at it, and good luck to 'em. No one can do it better."
Stewart is preparing for the October 22 release of his standards album, It Had To Be You...: The Great American Songbook.
The Stones, meanwhile, end a week-long break from their Licks tour on Saturday (October 12) at Ford Field in Detroit.
-- Gary Graff, Detroit (

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