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Kiss Planning A Comeback?

Are Kiss planning a carefully orchestrated comeback? Frontman Paul Stanley assures Undercover News "I am far from being done making music".
Rumours have been circulating of a planned Kiss concert performed with an orchestra to happen (possibly in Melbourne) next March. The plan is to have every member of the audience done up in Kiss make-up. Although not confirming the event, Paul Stanley tells Undercover that if it does happen "it would be an event to remember and it would be stunning, What could be accomplished by a band with our sonic prowess and an orchestra would leave most people lobotomised sonically".
Only last year Kiss went out on their Farewell Tour. Some thought that signalled the end to the touring life for the band but as Paul says "without being cryptic or trying to sidestep it, what the future holds will be revealed in due time. It is gratifying to know that going out on a worldwide farewell tour what we were met with by most people was "don't go, don't leave". When we finished the farewell tour it was really interesting having people coming up to me all the time saying "I loved the farewell tour. When are you doing the 30th anniversary tour". It gives you a chance to reassess and rethink things. So many people with the best of intentions call it a day and then for whatever reason find they aren't really finished. Certainly that has been on the front burner and something we have been talking about quite a bit".
The Rolling Stones are out doing their 40th anniversary tour at the moment. "As long as they are out there we will be always be younger" Paul says.
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