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The Eagles Hit The Recording Studio

The Eagles continue to work on a new album. The group was in a Southern California recording studio this week, laying down tracks for the first set of new music from the band since The Long Run in 1979, and the first since longtime guitarist Don Felder was fired in February 2001. The still-untitled project isn't expected before the latter part of 2003.

The album has been in progress for quite some time, and earlier this year singer-drummer Don Henley told LAUNCH that he's not surprised with the pace of the work. "We have several songs in various stages of completion. I have what I call 'The Pancake Theory'--the first pancakes off the griddle are not very good. You usually have to throw 'em away, because they're all kind of bubbly and burnt around the edges. The songs are sort of the same, you know? The first ones that we come up with might not be consumable, so we're gonna keep doing it, and the songs are getting better. It was a long warming-up period, because we haven't done it since the late '70s. We have the luxury of doing it on our own time because we're not signed to a label, so we don't have anybody breathing down our necks--except our manager, of course, who's already booking things, so we'll have to get him under control."
Manager Irving Azoff is setting up an extensive itinerary for the group in 2003. The Eagles are expected to hit the road for an arena tour on May 8 or 9, and continue in two- and three-week stretches through May, June, and July. Early indications are that the bandmembers will take August off, and then pick up again in September, followed by December dates in the Far East. The new album likely won't be out before the tour starts.
-- Bruce Simon, New York (launch.com)

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